Wow! What a year it’s been

First:  I’ve (Paul) been a little – actually a lot – slack in keeping this site up to date.  So in as few words as possible I’ll see if I can bring you up to date on the happenings of the past 6 months or so.  I’ll break it down as follows:

2021 Boating Season

I have to say that we really did not have the best season boating on Georgian Bay.  The time spent with friends and family was fantastic as always.  However the winds and rains, which usually came when not forecast kept us off the bay more than we had hoped.  This said, a bad day on the water is better than a good day pretty well anywhere else so even though we didn’t get to explore as much of the bay as we had hoped we did get out to enjoy it to a certain degree.

The Fleet

The fleet got significantly smaller in 2021.  We started the season by selling the original Little Fella and her trailer.  It was pretty hard to justify having two dinghies in the fleet, particularly when we were towing a dinghy behind No Yards while on the water.  So off to a new home went Little Fella, reducing the fleet to two boats.  The biggest change to the fleet was the sale of the Carver.  We decided that it was time to upgrade the primary boat, and in typical Paul and Lisa fashion we ended up selling No Yards before having her replacement lined up.  So here we sit, living the No Yards lifestyle, with only Little Fella II in the fleet.  The search for No Yards II continues and we hope to find her soon.

Boating in New Brunswick

We trailered LFII out to New Brunswick late in the Summer and we plan to leave her there into the 2022 season.  We were able to enjoy some great late summer / early fall boating while there.  We started on Bay of Chaleur by enjoying some beautiful days on the water, exploring Charlo, Dalhousie, and Heron Island.  LFII served us well on our outings there.  We followed this up by getting out on Grand Lake, and making  a beautiful run down Salmon River from Chipman down into Grand Lake.  The Fall colours were just starting when we got the Salmon River run in, and unfortunately, due to weather and family commitments we were not able to get out again.  LFII now sits snugly wrapped in Minto waiting for our return.

So………Now What?

Well, first off, the No Yards lifestyle continues.  We traveled to the Caribbean island of Curacao in early November and will remain here until early February.  Our current plan is to follow this up with about 11 weeks in Honduras.  Flights are booked and accommodation is lined up so barring Covid travel restrictions, we will be in the warm weather until the end of April.