2021: The Fleet’s Afloat! (Covid on the water season 2)

Hello friends!  It’s now been more than 2 weeks since we returned to No Yards, and man have we been busy.  I’d like to report that we are all set for the season, but of course there is still work to be done (and the impending end of Ontario’s umpteenth stay-at-home order of the Covid era).  This year our home base will be the lovely Killbear Marina in Nobel, Ontario.  We will likely be here preparing for this year’s epic journey until mid June, after which we will be heading north.  Here is what we’ve been up to for the past couple weeks……

  1. Replaced broken heat-pump cooling water impeller
  2. Repaired VIP cabin air conditioner
  3. Replaced both Port & Starboard engine cooling water intake hoses
  4. Changed engine oil in Port side Cummins engine (Starboard to be changed today)
  5. Replaced aft bilge pump float switch
  6. Replaced aft shower sump box

…and yet to be done…..

  1. Change oil in both transmissions
  2. Change generator engine oil
  3. Replace Port side rudder shaft seal (boat comes out of the water for this)
  4. Full detailing, wash & wax hull (will be done while boat is out for shaft seal replacement)
  5. Repair Master cabin closet door
  6. Repair leaky faucet in Galley

All things considered, it’s great to be back home.  With Little Fella in the water, and recreational boating now permitted in Ontario, we were able to get our first evening dinghy-run under our belts last night on a beautifully calm Georgian Bay.

Check out the ‘Travels of No Yards‘ page to see the route for our first cruise of the season on Little Fella.  Also, you won’t want to miss the video ‘How you can tell that boating season has begun’ on the No Yards YouTube channel.

Safe travels everyone!

3 thoughts on “2021: The Fleet’s Afloat! (Covid on the water season 2)”

  1. Awesome to hear about the boat! Brendan and I are looking forward to coming up sometime. We’ll need to solidify a date. It’s been stinking hot down here in Ancaster. The butterflies are coming out and the wasps are in full force. Haven’t had a mosquito spotted yet but I’m sure they’re coming. Much love from Hank, Ted, Brendan, and I xoxoxo

  2. You are going to need a doctor on board if you are going to rip yourself to pieces. Enjoy your summer.

  3. Elissa Davidson

    Take care, Paul. I told Grover today that if he loses his hand, he won’t grow a new one. I would think the same applies to you.

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