2020 Part 3 – South for the Winter

Surely something in 2020 would go as planned right?  Our retirement plan has us going south for the winter, and we wanted to be sure this year was no exception.  So on September 14, having left No Yards the previous day, we landed in our waterfront condo, just as planned, all the way south from Georgian Bay to Toronto.  One year ago, we would have anticipated traveling to Costa Rica or Ecuador, or perhaps back to Honduras to do some of the things we were unable to get to in March and April.  Unfortunately, though, we’re still waiting for travel to open up so we’re back on the Toronto waterfront renting a condo from mid September to mid May, working now on the plans to get us back aboard No Yards in May 2021 to continue the journey.  We were hoping not to see snow again for several years, and though we don’t usually get a lot of snow in Toronto it is quite cold in winter.  So here we are, sort of on plan.